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From an original idea or an innovative concept, an organization implements actions to :

- increase its market share,

- increase its sales tenfold,

- increase its profit or simply transform people's lives.

If it is true that the success of any organization relies, among other things, on research and innovation, the continuity of its operations and its sustainability depend on one particular factor: "good governance".

The notion of governance applies to both private and public entities, and designates a set of rules and formalized procedures by which actors gathered around a common objective participate in the decision-making and implementation of public or private actions, whether for profit or not.

AddValorem C.F.R.M, as a consulting firm, is fully aware of the issues related to good governance and therefore gives it a prominent place by ensuring that its internal administration, as well as that of its customers, is based on the following fundamental principles

- Accountability

- Leadership

- Integrity

- Transparency

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