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Data, finance and climate

Today, it is undeniable that the society we live in is inherently dependent on three factors: data, finance, and climate.

Businesses, in order to grow, need accurate and timely data to make informed decisions in a rapidly changing world. Good data is expensive and requires a good strategy to be an effective tool for business performance.

Finance (in a broader sense including management, auditing, and accounting), another important factor, not only allows any company to implement an effective data strategy but also to seize all opportunities and measure its performance through appropriate tools. It interacts closely with data because it derives from it and at the same time enables it to be acquired.

For a long time, mankind has been warned about its harmful actions on nature. Today, we can see that nature is unleashed and as a reaction to the anthropogenic (human) attitude, climatic conditions have become more and more extreme and frequent (floods, drought, sea level rise, melting of the ice cap...). These climate changes have led to the adoption of multiple policies and frameworks that have completely redesigned the business landscape. The notion of "green", "renewable energies", and "sustainable finance"... have made their appearance in the business microcosm. No company can escape this and will have to comply with these new rules.

Addvalorem C.F.R.M Inc. has understood this triptych so well that it has made it the core of its service model and is developing specific skills to help its clients remain competitive and sustainable in this increasingly hostile universe.

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