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We recognize that data (mega data or big data - research data - open data - linked data) is quintessential to the success of any business, whether commercial or not. Its importance has reached a critical point that forces entities, concerned about their reputation and sustainability, to develop appropriate policies and tools when they have the capacity to do so. Investments remain expensive and privacy and compliance requirements are increasingly restrictive. Companies do not always have the time, human and material resources to meet all these challenges. In addition to these more structural constraints, the company must be able to use its data in a timely and optimal manner to make informed decisions and remain competitive.

- Data Science for Management

(R, Tableau, Power BI)

- Productivity

(Cloud - Automation - Visualization - Design)

- General controls and IT audit

- IT Projects

(BI - Architecture - Applications - Security)

- Data risk management

- R&D


Your company operates in a complex and fast-moving environment and must be able to rely on quality data, produced in time to make informed decisions. Its competitiveness and competitive advantage could be threatened if :
- It does not have the necessary infrastructure to store its data in a controlled and structured environment;
- It does not have the ability to outsource and/or recruit and/or retain the necessary talent and skills to help it exploit its data;
- Its data is scattered over several different media in a redundant or conflicting manner, or without any real connection between the different sources;
- It is not able to obtain the right information at the right time, due to the lack of automated processes, visualization documents, and/or prediction and forecasting tools.
- It is not able to appreciate and measure the organizational impact of the digital switchover and evaluate the associated cost-effectiveness.


Your company could be exposed to regulatory risks (related to data privacy and security) or to wrong decisions made on the basis of poor quality data or data obtained and processed late. The impact on the business is obvious and could result in a loss of competitiveness against competitors with better data.


Addvalorem C.F.R.M. Inc. is concerned about the durability and growth of your business. Within the range of solutions that we offer, our firm can usefully advise you on the appropriate infrastructure adapted to your needs for the storage of your data as well as the management rules. Many companies still produce reports in a manual or traditional way, whereas automated solutions exist. Addvalorem can assist you in the implementation of these solutions to improve the productivity of your company. Finally, our firm can help you design dashboards based on your performance (KPIs) and/or your risks (KRIs).

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